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The Villa

We are used to framing our emotions when they have already become happy memories.

But, why not choose the most suitable frame for the important events of our lives while we are experiencing them? Imagine, for example, the magic of an eighteenth-century villa nestled in a beautiful park, ideal for receptions, banquets and ceremonies, but that can also accommodate conventions, meetings and business dinners. It would be even better if it had a few carefully furnished rooms for a romantic weekend or to relax far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Well, it is useless to keep imagining when such a place already exists! Villa Bongiovanni, in Locara, in the picturesque Verona countryside is the perfect frame for your emotions!

A little history

The building was constructed between the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century by the Bongiovanni family, wealthy local landowners. The villa was built in a neoclassical style and stayed in the family for several generations. In the 1940s, the building was purchased by a family from Locara who renovated it and changed the main façade, making it more "modern". Later, the villa was almost completely abandoned due to poor maintenance and the risk of collapse. Then, in 1996, Fernando Tadiello purchased the old mansion and decided to restore it to its original splendour. The portico was rebuilt with exposed stone walls and wooden ceilings. This space can accommodate a variety of events, with a capacity of 250 seats, and can be used both winter and summer thanks to the windows that enclose it, leaving a view of the garden. For smaller meetings, there are other rooms of different sizes (seating up to about 60 people). Then, the work to restore the main building of the villa was completed in December 2006.
To support events, the villa was equipped with innovative technologies for projecting videos, photos or slides.



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